Why Eat Organic?




Why eat organic???

I’ve been eating organic for just about a year now!!! Initially, I began eating this way because I heard it was a healthier option and I could taste the difference between conventional produce I bought vs organic. The fruit I tasted was sweeter and I liked the idea of supporting local farming and avoiding the consumption of pesticides because WHO really knows what that stuff does to you!
After educating myself more on this topic, most research points to these facts.

•Organic does NOT have more nutrients than conventionally grown.
•Organic does contains 16-69% MORE phyi-nutrients than conventional.
•Organic does has MORE antioxidant compounds than conventional.
•Organic food consumption reduces exposure to pesticide residue and antibiotic resistant bacteria.
•Organic food does taste better.
•Organic food suppresses cell growth (cancer) more than conventionally grown produce.

Also, pesticides have been shown to elevate rate of chronic disease and different types of cancer, diabetes, neurogenic diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, birth defects and reproductive disorders.

Do what resonates with you! <3

Be sure to visit some of these great reference videos to explore more of these studies and information yourself!



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