About Rachel Schwartz

Nutritionist, weight loss expert, Team Edge athlete,NPC national bikini competitor, certified personal trainer are just a few labels that describe Rachel Schwartz. On a quest, Rachel inspires thousands daily and continues to grow in the fitness industry. Her amazing physique, knowledge, positivity and infectious attitude towards life is something that she is known for.

I truly love what I do. Sharing my expertise about nutrition and health. Guiding people to reach they’re goals are the things I’m most passionate about. I am a great example that we can achieve anything we set out minds too. I’m just your average girl chasing her dreams. Anything and everything is within our grasps and I want to be the one to show you the way.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Why Eat Organic?

        Why eat organic??? I've been eating organic for just about a year now!!! Initially, I began eating this way because I heard it was a healthier option and I could taste the difference between conventional produce I bought vs

  • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

    When it comes to getting results there is more to it than one would imagine. I have learned through my experience as a national level bikini competitor, that nutrition creates 80% of the results we all seek. I wanted to take a moment and educate peop

  • Superfoods! Worth your time or a waste of money?

    Superfoods are defined as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. There is a lot of buzz about superfoods as people become more focused on they’re overall health. Listed below are some popular superfo

  • How do I get FLAT ABS? Am I doing something WRONG?

    Question: How do I get flat abs? I workout 4 times a week and every time I exercise I incooporate an ab circuit. I’ve been doing this for a couple months now and I don’t see much change in my mid-section. Am I doing something wrong? The best way

  • STRESS, how it affects our health. Foods that help control it.

    What is stress? Stress is the body adjusting to change. We all experience this either physically, mentally or emotionally. It is an normal part of life. Many events in life create this. Stress stems from your thoughts, your body or from your environm

  • 8 ways to make your New Years Resolutions STICK

    It’s January 2nd of the New Year. Yesterday while I was out for a bike ride and was delighted to see the streets and beaches full of people walking, running, blading and biking everywhere. It put a smile on my face to see people being active and taki